Monday, December 20, 2010

just start over...

This video involves chemistry and art; it looks like it would be something that would be inexpensive and a lot of fun to try. posting it here so i don't loose it.

For those of you who do follow this blog, all four or five of you that i have trusted with the knowledge of the fact that it exists, i want to apologize for the fact that i quit writing for a good 3 months. there isn't a wonderful reason, honestly. i just didn't want to sit down and replay all of the crappy things that had been happening to me, and then, manically put it up there because i was suffering from a fairly good bout of mania which meant that my ability to filter myself and what i was saying was, well, virtually non-existant. i didn't want to write down things i would later grow to regret. and, as far as i know, this journal space doesn't have a place where i can make my entries private, for me alone. if someone knows how to do that, give me the heads up.

The point however, is that i am a long way away from that point in my life and i am over it. i doubt i will ever write about it, but if i choose to, i will, and it won't be all that big of a deal. i desperately need to write - as a way of getting off the things that bother me, as a way of looking back at what i have been up to so i can recognize my patterns, as a way of being able to better understand myself, as a way to be a better writer, a way to work with words, a way to also - most importantly - express myself - who i am - as a singular person, on this planet.

so to those of you who read this, expect to read or find something on this page almost every day. that is my intention anyhow. my gift to myself. hope this finds you all well.


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  1. I need to do the same, Cor! Kudos to you for getting back on the horse :) xo