Saturday, August 28, 2010

you put a smell on me.

ive always loved matthew dear, since when we saw him play this wearhouse party in the middle of the ghetto in detroit. he just released this new record, called black city - ive been listening to it as ive been writing & i think it is... fucking amazing.

this song - i wish i had come across it earlier in the summer when everything was all sticky wet and sexual. its so sleezy and its the perfect song to fuck someone to. its like what jimmy edgar does but with less r&b and more electro - so that means i like it a lot more.

listen to it here.


  1. Little red nightgown.

    Someone described this song as having a "freak nasty" beat and I agree. I've been listening to the entire album repeatedly this afternoon and it is pretty spectacular :)

    When you going to post a new bloggity blog, Miss Cor? I've been missing your words! x